07 February 2011

cat empire

Just as well you get to read the headline first. If you looked at the picture and read its caption first, it would indeed be a "wtf?" moment.

Back in tha day, which back in tha day used to be rendered as "back in my day", a wtf moment would have been described differently, perhaps as "bizarre".

However, we can thank modern technology for giving us wtf, which is so much more expressive.

Actually, on reflection we can thank modern teaching methods.

But if we were given to reflecting deeply, and with prejudice, we would have substituted "blame" for "thank."

Meanwhile, I was immensely reassured to learn that the 1968 Theft Act applies to kittens.

Does it, however, we must ask ourselves, apply equally to kittehs?

Modern life, it poses so many conununundrums.


Ann O'Dyne said...

I cannot follow link to kitten news in case it's bad news for kitties (I censor myself viciously from seeing Bad Animal Stuff - even Good Animal Stuff upsets me) ... so I will just take your word for it all, and instead of saying 'WTF?' I merely exclaim "well I am astonished" - which has no 'f' in it at all.
peace and love

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much


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