25 March 2011

push pineapple

The column is average, the photo is highly disturbing, the comments are priceless:

"They look like Phil Tufnell on acid and Jimmy Hill in drag. I bet their sex life is awesome"

"Must get my husband a Santa suit. He's just in from the pub and said ok "

"are they from the planet agadoo"

....and by far the best and this week's wiiiiiineeeerrrr....

"Urinal Ritchie? I prefer Eurethra Franklin."


Ann O'Dyne said...

Hadley is NOT 'average' and I have LiS bookmarked thank you very much.

You are right about the comments of course, and I submit two chortlers -
FattMatt 25 March 2011
How many Celebs are paying Speakman not to admit they have used their services?
Maybe Kerry couldn't keep up the payments.

Dustan 25 March 2011

Brilliant! Just looked at their blog and came across this gem from Eva -

After Senior school, despite my ambitions to become a missionary or an actress I decided to listen to my mother and do as she suggested and go to university to study French. But before that, I took a year out to study health and beauty at college for what I thought would be a bit of an academic relief. Instead, I found myself really enjoying the course, so my career goal took a different direction ... '

I went to their webpage too, and you really must check the photos, one with that chef who swears, one with their Lear, and one with Eva levitated will leave you gasping for ... well something.

phil said...

I did. Words fail etc....

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