26 April 2011

love and marriage

More ways to celebrate the impending hereditary lineage extension process than you thought possible!

Fortunately, some of these are singularly tasteless. More tasteless than you thought possible! Hurrah for human ingenuity! And bad taste! Hurrah for those of us who revel in the bad taste!!!

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Ann O'Dyne said...

oh you dirty old man - I followed the link and when I got right to the end of it all I saw the stuff that got You there in the first place.

The Lego palace was frightening, but they left out the brilliant knitted wedding stuff. the corgi my favourite (link to The Telegraph).
Pls do visit my place where I have had the magnifier on Pr Charles's coat of arms and cannot understand why his lion and his unicorn are so Very Much More Rampant than on any other royal c-o-a.

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