29 April 2011

xxxx insert wedding musical references here xxxx

While we were waiting for Escape to the Country to come on and thereby complete our evening, Mrs VVB and I were kind of obliged to watch the nuptials. I was quite taken with the two bros done up like human Christmas trees - I have never seen so much gold braid since Field Marshall Amin departed the scene - and that Harry's hair has probably never seen a comb since he was two.

Anyway it was a jolly jape for Mrs VVB and me and then they announce some hymn commissioned especially for the occasion. The opening bars sounded and - I swear this is the truth - Mrs VVB and I looked at each and said, "Rip off! But what from?"

It took me a minute or two.
Electric Dreams. I kid you not.

Anyway Escape to the Country's on, so ta ta.


Ann O'Dyne said...

the xmas tree outfits were not devised by harry and wills though.
there was a lot to be amused by last night and I don't understand the whiners and complainers.
the 186 horses were thrilling.

I had the sound MUTEd and just read Tweets through it all. Jenny Eclair was hilarious and vicious:
Earl Spencer looks like William Shatner, his daughters look like pole dancers, Pr Beatrice and pr Eugenie have come as The Ugly Sisters ... that sort of thing.

reel molesworth tweeted:
"head of skl Grabber spotted in pews his thing with prncss ann subject to superinjunction chiz chiz

old st trinian tara palmer-t use dramatic hat to distrakt from her hooter issues hem hem

@ mark gatiss they are tree borgs supplying energy to eltons wig"

That's So Pants said...

Oh thanks Phil - that has been driving me nuts.



phil said...

Now I know why I'm not on twitter. Sorry AoD, none of that made the slightest sense.

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