15 April 2011

short answer

Gerry has requested I do some more posts to test for patterns in the myriad ways that Blogger has been buggerising about with formatting etc in recent days. This is one such post. Its topic, should I ever in fact get around to reaching it, is the time-worn one of people being interviewed who don't answer the question. Usually it's pollies but today it was a senior seat-polisher being interviewed about the success - or otherwise - of his organisation in catching international croox. The question put was whether the organisation's work had resulted in the po-lice catching more of said croox. The response went along these lines: "We have increased coordination, collaboration and working together with other agencies and we are taking more strategic positions." I thought it was pretty priceless, hence my ability to remember it almost word for word even though it was way back in the morning when I heard it. Now let's test that formatting, nicht war?

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