28 June 2011

freestyler wokka mokka phone

Are you blogging more and enjoying it less?

Or blogging less and enjoying it more?

Do you love Freeview?

Kelloggs, anyone?

Thought so.


Anonymous said...

anything that has costly advertising campaigns and then claims to be 'free' has to be suspect.

I house-sit in a place where the TV is connected to the computer and new release movie trailers can be viewed. one after another until it gets boring. for me, that's quite a long time. but not enough time for me to figure out what it's all about.
x x annie

The Editor said...

Huh? Car door?

phil said...

arrh yup

never blog after a long day at work

or at other times either

The Editor said...

Hey dude, long time no post. You OK?

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