18 June 2011

ub (bs) 40

So I'm browsing one of my favourite time-wasters, Listopia, and I run across this.

"WTF?" I think to myself because, as you know, most thinking is mainly internal or, as some would have it, mental.

So I'm mentally thinking to myself about wtf is this so I have to
google it and I get there. For reasons that are usually described as "unaccountable", which is in fact a euphemism for "wtf?", I decide to look at the one which "explains" the strip, rather than the strip itself.

Here is a random selection of one, I now bid you bye-bye for some two to three months.

I just love the deadpan reconstruction of the strip which is mimicked totally by the commenters. One can only marvel in the fact that there are squillions of people out there doing this sort of stuff, when in point of fact most of them should be heavily sedated and kept in lion cages.

With lions.

Anyway, I now know about ubbs.


The Editor said...

Off for two to three months? Who said you could do that?

phil said...

No, I was trying to imply that reader/s of this piece might be off investigating the links for some period of time..

(thinks) "Must learn to be less obscure."

iODyne said...

yes .... " Gentlemen, I am stepping out to Listopia now, I may be gone some time"

Trendhunter is another place to waste hours. I'm faffing about because Blagger won't let me make a new post (Clarence Clemons RIP will appear when they do).

iODyne said...

oh look what i just fell over -
gabba gabba hey! sean is one of us -
classic track of the 80's

I've got my back against the record machine ...

phil said...

Yes, vale Clarence...

I haven't read any "how to" pages on blooger since about 3 months in to VVB. Yes, it shows, I am fully aware, etc etc. The jump break looks useful for those who write more than three lines. Alas, your current correspondent...

The Editor said...


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