06 October 2011

what's going on

It's not that nothing is going on. It is, but it's nothing of interest to blog readers and I've run out of things that conceivably may be of interest to blog readers. And apart from the irretrievably obsessed, everyone seems to be writing less anyway.

But are they enjoying it more, we ask ourselves. Because there's no-one else in the room to ask.

I also done spellchecking, although it appears I have not done grammar.


Gerry said...

On wee, mate. On wee.

lemmiwinks said...

Indeed. In my obsessive desire for privacy there are things going on which, based on the content of other blogs, may in fact be of interest to readers, however I would never post.

Consequently my posts largely consist of bitter vitriol directed at someone and/or something. Accordingly I made a "curmudgeon" tag.

Anonymous said...

no-one else in the room?
Twitter is a room.
FcBook is a room.
anyhow, what's going on is that Carla Bruni is about to have the first ever Presidential baby in France, Paul McBeatle is getting married on Johns birthday, we now know the messy details of Apple Jobs previously private life now over, some women got the Alfred Nobel peace prize, and some really dumb NSW parents let their teen kid out of their sight in Indonesia with $60 for a massage on Kuta beach and $25 for dope.
nothing going on a my place though.
X X ann o'dyne

Gerry said...

The end is nigh...

phil said...

Great galumphing things, it really works. Now I know why Seinfeld was so popular.

But kind of depressing too.

As youse was.

Gerry said...

You asked for it... :-)

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