30 June 2012

pigs on the wing

How's this for a line from a gig review: 

"Then there comes a sound I can't quite place, like bacon frying, but amplified. It's applause."

"the wavelengths and the resonance align"....writing and playing I like.


Gerry said...

Is that a steel fiddle I see in the video?

Ann O'Dyne said...

yeah well, the writing, it's The Guardian innit? (Today Hadley Freeman writes on men in lingerie shops.)

Sadly, The Word magazine has just published for the final time. Plenty of good music writing there too.

oh FFS that stupid WV thing is 'booress'. Obviously I need to be less sensitive.

phil said...

AoD - yes, agreed, the guardian is very predictable. But by and large you get better comments.

phil said...

Shame about the Word. Just listening to the Graham Gouldman one now. Incredible and very resonant.

phil said...

Gerry - my guess would be no, probably an acrylic or similar but who's to know?

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