18 August 2006

triumph of the will

Here is the car I was telling one of you regular readers about this morning. There are a few stories associated with this car, but I was reminded of one infamous incident earlier this week by two mates who were there at the time.No details, I'm not proud of it.

The car itself is a 1970 Mk2 Triumph 2.5 pi. This was my second Triumph. These photos were taken after I had got it back on the road after I fed the motor with flood water, trying to ford a swollen stream outside Dapto and momentarily (well maybe longer than 'momentarily', maybe just long enough to do the damage) forgetting that the air pickup was about 15 cm off the ground, rather than at manifold level. Lotsa bent rods.

The other car is of course Eric the Half a Car, a Mk1 Wolseley 24/80 bought for $180 to keep me on the road while the Triumph motor got rebuilt.

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