19 December 2006

yours is no disgrace (oh yes it is)

In his first speech as Foreign Minister in 1996, I seem to remember that the now Lord Downer of Baghdad talked about the value of Australia's consular service (have tried searching Hansard, looks like my memory is faulty, I did find this reference). At the time I thought this a pretty good touch: I was a former consul and if there was one thing that you couldn't get Gareth Evans interested in, it was consular matters. Not sufficiently intellectual, I suppose, but try telling that to a fellow Aussie in trouble in some foreign backwater.

So how does that square with the latest piece of bastardry apparently dished out to David Hicks:
only his gaolers can determine his mental state.

Whenever you think it can't get more disgraceful, it does.

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Melly` said...

Did you see today when Hicks couldnt even SPEAK to his father after months of negotiations to allow them a phone linkage. FOUR times in the five years he has been allowed to speak to his father. It is horrific stuff huh?

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