04 March 2007

church of the poison mind

Bob Brown, look out! Mahatma Gandhi, look out (oops, too late). And whoever it was yabbering the other day about the C of E and Catholics getting together, look out!

You have been
spotted, Dick. And we'll all be out looking for people who think beauty is absolute but love of peace is relative. Whenever I go to the local mall from now on; when I'm in the sandwich shop; when I'm in any meeting at work, for sure, I'll be asking: "Well then, do you think peace is absolute?" And when they go "yeah", I'll be thinking, "oh oh, here comes another one." Sort of. And beauty is absolute? In which beholder's eye, might one enquire, innocently?

Spare me. There's enough serious stuff going on around the globe without superannuated blokes in gold and ermine and what-all spouting this kind of thing. Frightens the horses, it does.

I mean, seriously. I know people who cleave very closely to their faiths. From my p.o.v. they're welcome to it but I don't begrudge them, those who genuinely believe, even if I can't relate to the deal. I find people like this very open to discussion and I, similarly, don't get pigeonholed by them just because I don't believe.

But this sort of thing should have had a bridge built out of it years - no, centuries - ago.

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