04 March 2007

stuck in the middle with you

There's not nearly enough being written about the Rudd/Campbell/Burke series of who was seen doing what, and with whom, behind the bike sheds. And who was cheering, who was taking bets, and who was acting as the cockatoo. This abominable scarcity of informed and/or half-witted commentary cannot be allowed to go on without Chateau VVB adding its tuppence-ha'penny's worth - yes, we remember that currency, that's a proper sort of currency - so here it comes. Prepare to be underwhelmed, or navigate away now.

I reckon
Modia Minotaur is mainly on the money; I'm very worried about rose-coloured glasses; and I'm not surprised that those of conservative disposition see it differently.

While some believe that the little liar has his timing wrong, I'm more inclined to think that the theory is to hit Rudd early, get him out of the Labor leadership and discredit Labor generally by continuing to throw mud then bank on other issues, both known and currently unknown, to slowly bury Labor in the lead-up to the election.

The little liar had no choice but dispatch Campbell after Costello succumbed to his own delusions of adequacy with an over-the-top demonstration of his formidable oratorical powers. Whether Campbell was for the long walk in any case, I'm not close enough to this sort of stuff to tell. Doesn't matter anyway, the little liar is pretty economical with his favours (I almost said 'focused' or 'strategic' just then - what a giveaway).

Rudd has no choice but to tough it out, treading that thin line between 'yes I admit I did it but please forgive me ' and 'so what, let's keep our attention on the decline in our democracy after 11 years of the little liar'. All the malarkey about 'honeymoons' is just lazy journalism and utterly irrelevant to the story. Everyone can't be right, except within the safety of the space between their own ears. So it will indeed be interesting to watch the fallout and the general public response.

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