17 March 2007

a question of balance

Catching up on the blogrounds the other night, not having subscribed to RSS feeds, but feeding the face at the same time when your ABC news comes on, the Santoro inadvertent oversights story first. Seemed to be over fairly quickly, then it was our fearless little leader visiting the troops in our name (tm). Sound of nails on blackboard, yes, that's him speaking. Back to the announcer, more story. Sound of nails on blackboard again. Back to the announcer. WTF? Sound of nails on blackboard again? Three clips for one story? How long has this been going, five minutes? Ooh, who's that? It's Kevin. Nope, he's gone, all of 7 seconds. Looks like the effort that has gone in to stacking the Board over all these years has paid off, we now have acceptable balance.

On a far more uplifting note, a good story in the Australian colour mag today about a bloke who tried to make it as a muso, didn't really work out, then started teaching young offenders and ne'er-do-wells to write and perform simple songs. With a view to reinforcing, or maybe introducing, some self-esteem. Seems it has mainly worked but the bit that got me was the satisfaction he got from seeing the results. I love those stories - for those of us still deep in the machine, it's a reaffirmation of the possibilities of life if you can grab, or make, the opportunities. Aaah, to have a transferable skill. Anyway his name is Allan Caswell and he has at last got a record released, so we might get that.

And for a final whinge, what is it with low-profile tyres? You get a puncture, if the wheel does one more revolution the tyre's stuffed and you have to buy a new one. Has happened twice with the current set of Toyos, Maybe that's why they were cheap.

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JahTeh said...

Has Santoro got shares in low profile tyres? He seems to have had fingers in everything else.

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