04 January 2008


If once owning a Toyota Corolla (oh yes, and a Crown as well, I had one of those too!) doesn't qualify you to blog authentically, I don't know what does.

Actually, yes I do. Boag's Draught. It's been coming from the same slab but tonight it somehow feels stronger, you know, tonight. It feels kind of liberating.

Which brings us neatly to libertarianism, would you believe.

Actually, you have to believe or if you don't, you have to believe in something else.

This person, for example, is evidently not a believer in libertarianism but the thought of a prospective visit to the post office, of all things, brings on such thoughts.

I get similar thoughts because various representatives of the IPA keep getting valuable column inches (centimetres, all right) in the mainstream media and they'd only get that if they were right, right?

There you go, John. James Joyce, eat your heart out. Shit, I've run out of Boag's.

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