04 January 2008

it's scientific (*)

Using up all my available desktop pooter time until again removed to the wilds of Rockhampton and the concomitant need to blog on a laptop, whose controls I do not understand, at a coffee table, which makes my neck ache, I learn that one of my favourite lines from one of my favourite songs is a reference to William Yeats with (possibly, it was David Byrne after all) a passing glance at African literature.

Larvatus Prodeo has a lot to answer for, but who would have thought that this would be amongst it? Note: this is a hat tip, even if delivered in a grudging, curmudgeonly fashion. LP has great posts but often the commentary gets out of control. However, to acknowledge where it is due, they actually do have commentary and quite a lot. We can but dream.

To coin another cliche: "will this do, John?"

(I was sure that is a song title but be blowed if I can find a reference...anyone?)

Speaking of music, here is a picture of some being made (Halfway at the Powerhouse, Brisbane).

(*) Do doot, doot, do de doo doo doo doo etc etc..."things fall apaaaaaart, it's scientific..."


Ann ODyne said...

"Cultural elites don't exist" ?

of course they do - on more than several levels - I'm not going over to That Nasty Blog* to read twaddle.

*if you hasver a lot of Commentors, a fair few are gonna be masty. That ruins the whole point of having a blog.
I only get nice people and I like to keep it that way. Don't want to be 'alpha' like Laugh At Us Rodeo.

phil said...

Hi Anne

I didn't mean to buy into whatevre the argument was at LP, it was just that I was (insert suitable adjective here) to discover yet another *deep* cultural reference in a *pop* song. Deserves a post all on its own.

The Editor said...

So... It's commentary you're after...

phil said...

Hi Gerry

Well it looks like I've been getting it simply by asking the question "what do we do/write about next!"

Been there, done that, got the blog...

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