03 January 2008

one on left is on right (*)

Anyway so I'm thinking about what comes next and while I'm doing this I'm scanning the excerpts in the Oz Politics feeds and it looks like "leftists" are proliferating - multiplying even, although I can't imagine that they're all that good at the hard subjects like mathematics - if the number of posts accusing leftists of everything that's ever gone wrong in the world are any indication.

And that got me thinking about how non-leftist-thinking people are always simplistic, black or white, with us or against us people, whereas leftists always see the complexity in issues and so find it more difficult to devise appropriate solutions.

And are more willing to be critical: witness the number of 'leftist' posters having a go at Stephen Conroy over the net-filtering proposal.

Then I discover that it's all in the perception - where you stand depends on where you sit, or something.

Of course it's also probably a factor that the views you get in personal blogs, from no matter which standpoint, are most likely simplified and exaggerated and that's the type of view mainly picked up in the Oz Politics feeds. Certainly here in the Chateau that's the way it usually pans out.

A moment's reflection should by rights have led to the same conclusion as that explained in the Edge article, but why disturb that poor sleeping brain cell?

Seriously though, you scan through the excerpts and mainly decide not to click through because the introductory paragraphs are so unappealing.

Rather, here is a picture to soothe the brain cell to sleep.

And if you're interested in the song title, it turns out to be quite fitting.

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