24 January 2008

mondo rock

Actually, in this case Mondeo Rocks.

I was in the supermarket carpark yesterday when one of the new Ford Mondeos pulled in. Must say, they are very pretty piece of kit - nicely proportioned and all.

The bloke gets out and I ask him what he thinks of it. He's wearing a t-shirt with a company logo on it, it didn't register with me - not a logo I knew.

He says it's a bloody great car, etc etc, then reveals that he's a salesman at a Ford dealership. I then notice that the logo on the shirt matches one on the car.

Then he gets excited - a prospective sale! - and goes into full-on salesman mode.

I can confirm that the Mondeo does indeed have astonishing boot capacity.

OK then.

Outside my window, the Fitzroy is flowing faster and faster.

If I wasn't going home to celebrate Australia Day in the traditional way - by inviting friends around for a lamb chop and a beer or 27 - I'd be perfectly happy to sit on the balcony here and watch the river rise. Like watching paint dry, but quicker.


tomic said...

A friends friend has one the XR mondeos. Quite pretty in black.

phil said...

Oh hello, there you are. Yes, in black, about 3cm down, tint and mega chrome alloys would be good. Plus a suitable motor.

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