24 August 2008


I think I'll be glad to get back to regular blogging, eventually. The arrival our dedicated line got me all a little, er, thing.

It's also because things are starting to annoy me again. Having a whinge to no-one in particular seems, to me, to be one of the greatest benefits that blogs confer on their proprietors.

I got annoyed a few days ago about the usage of "pinkie" for little finger. And today I read in the paper that the government's otherwise admirable, if a little misguided, series of advertisements in which ladies wave their little fingers at blokes to admonish them for being speed fiends, is known as the "pinkie" advertisement. I should have have known it.

I'm not even sure that an advertisement should have a name, but as episodes of TV shows seem to have them, why not?

I think the ads are misguided, most genuine speed freaks would simply...well, drive on by, I suspect.

That'll also be other speed fiends, too, just to be clear.

I bought a doover in a shop yesterday. I can't quite remember what it was, hence a doover. But the packaging got me going, in a slightly understated way. It said that the doover was made by a "wholly owned Australian company."

I found this oddly reassuring. The last thing we need are little orphan companies, especially Australian companies, wandering around all alone because they have no owners. All incorporated entities need a mummy and daddy, for sure.

Now, whether the wording meant to imply that the company was Australian owned, is a whole other kettle of fish. I certainly hope that the wording was inadvertently poorly constructed, rather than - as I suspect - a deliberate attempt to mislead.

Anyway if you go into a K-mart and look at the rack of doovers you use to connect telephonic devices with other telephonic devices, you'll see what I mean.

We're big on made in Australia in VVB-by-the-sea (well, sort of). Offspring no 1 has the symbol tattooed on one shoulder blade. It's rather misleading advertising in its own right because, as anyone with a passing acquaintance with human biology and a calendar could figure out, while he was born here he certainly wasn't made here.

We rest our case.

Because it's tired.


Anonymous said...

I am more than a decade old. And will soon be more than several decades old. The thing is, I remember talk of one's pinky (and yes, I mean little finger)going on as a child. Which means they've always been called pinkies and you didn't know about it, or the creep occurred a very long time ago...

phil said...

Apart from wondering who this creep is, I'm sure you're correct, pablo.

There are times when I suspect I've lived most of my 5-odd decades in a parallel dimension.

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