31 August 2008


So they interviewed this bloke on TV tonight about the fireworks and he said they were "awesome". Then they interviewed this other bloke and he said that they'd put on a free breakfast this morning after the fireworks the night before and the breakfast was "awesome". They showed a picture of the breakfast and it was sausages and eggs and stuff. So all in all I reckon that the description of it being awesome was pretty much spot on.

All this awe about. I'm lost for words.

You know, I skim through the excerpts on OzPolitics but I find myself opening fewer and fewer posts. The intro lines on some would put you right off - hey, no prejudices being jumped to around here, folks (as if...) - and for some all you need is the title.

The gloss appears to have worn off Kevin07 even amongst the true believers, some cling to hope, some detect a deeper strategic vision and it'll all be OK in the long run. Those who never believed are ramping up the snarking. There's academic and semi-academic analysis by the truckload, but somehow I feel that there's a bit more real life outside this new study in Villa VVB that needs to be attended to.

Actually it's not really a villa because it doesn't have a wall around it - that's what's missing. I'll get on to it one of these years.

So I predict a year or so of blogennui as the first Rudd Ministry continues to learn the ropes - and boy, do some of them need to - while we watch the international economy either get itself back into balance or continue to slowly unravel.

Of course so much depends on the US and while I'm not such a political tragic to expend acres of space on analysing the Presidential election (you'd swear we really were the 52nd state by the depths some local blogs get into) the fact remains that the scale and nature of the US's economic relationships with the rest of the world are key to our own economic health. That debt, man, all that debt. All those arcane financial instruments, who's got their hand on the levers? Who's looking at the screens?

Enough of the conspiracy, this is just a cheap stream-of-consciousness substitute way of saying that unless VVB finds something else interesting to write about (and I know I haven't finished all the car stories) we're going to sink into what I did on my holidays.

Except I haven't had any for a really long time and none on the horizon except the annual boys' weekend away at the Sydney Motor Show.

Look out.


That's So Pants said...

Hi Phil

I lived the whole expanse of the Blair years in Britain. The Kevin sheen has thinned much more rapidly but that's the legacy of borrowed ideas cynically recycled into much harsher times.

phil said...

Spot on, Ms Pants. All the boys are crying "wolf with no clothes", but no-one's listening.

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