30 August 2008

horse house with no name

It must be the calming influences of those sea views, but the urge to whinge seems to have totally departed. I mean, you never got considered analysis around these parts so spiteful whingeing seemed just so...I dunno...adequate.

VVB-by-the-sea (I must come up with a shorter and more atmospheric name) at last entered the final bit of the 20th century today by acquiring a large, well large-ish, flat panel TV. It's great, I could almost watch for...minutes.

We did. We watched Riverfire. It was...oh, I dunno, how about awesome? Awesomeness seems to spring up around one nowadays.

We were particularly taken with the Victorian lady who was interviewed. She had come from Victoria to see the fireworks. It gets you wondering, really it does. Don't they have fireworks in Victoria? I mean, back in the gold rush the place was seething with Chinese people - Chinamen in fact. Surely some of them stayed on to become fireworks technicians?

Anyway it was awesome - well the first and last 2 minutes were, the middle 19 were extremely ho-hum. As one might have predicted.

And all the buildings with lights ablaze! What a wonderful night for the electricity generators. Just an awesome way to use some non-renewable resources.

Also, Channel 7's commentary was awesome.

Actually, no it wasn't. It was - like virtually everything else that 7 now does - tedious, amateurish, laden with cross-promotion and over-exposure of its stable of awesome stars and slightly forgettable.

As I may or may not have explained previously, VVB switched from 9 to 7 when Steve "Judas" Leibmann took John Howard's 30 pieces of silver and appeared on TV, all serious and businesslike, to warn us about all the terrorists in our midst who were hell-bent on destroying all the things we hold dear like freedom, democracy and liberty and all those things.

They weren't, of course, but it cruelled for me that carefully nurtured persona of Steve Liebmann as reassuring man of the news. And it pretty much paralleled the decline of 9 and rise of 7 although I suspect this is more correlation than causation. Except in our case, of course.

And then the nation got terrorism fever and we got Border Fucking Security whose popularity was hung on the perceptions of evil terrorists infiltrating our grfeat nation but in fact was more about dodgy visa-evaders, smugglers of exotic African diseases and general flim-flam men.

Anyway channel 7 has had several years of well deserved popularity and mega ratings - awesome ratings, in fact - which has inevitably ended with it believing its own popularity and that of David Koch, who has passed awesomeness into ubiquity. So ubiquitous in fact that I fully expect to see him in Bunnings on a Saturday.

So this has not been so much of a whinge - hmmm, well maybe just a little - as a reflection on how awesome everything is. In pursuit of which, here is a photo of a minor alteration to the horizon courtesy of the people who dig stuff up to sell. This is the bit that they don't.

Big, isn't it?

I hope you agree.

Anyway, back to names for the new Chateau VVB. Is it a bungalow? Could be. Is it a villa? Potentially, nearly everything is nowadays. Is it a ranch house? Hmm, probably not.

So we'll have to go with what sounds best. Villa VVB has a nice alliterative feel, we should go with that, yes?

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