20 August 2008

i got rhythm

I also got connection. We got the box, we got the cables, we got the cables trailing from the hallway to the study, we got the old Pakistani rug over the cables so we don't trip over them, we got the intermodal gizmos, we have liftoff.

You can go to the post office before opening time and they will give you the stuff that is waiting for you. Who says the regions lack services? (CP, a comment is required on this, you can't read for free forever you know).

I was worried about the photos posted to date because they are on the old pooter, not flickr (because I once tried to set up a Picasa account, I think Picasa is like flickr, but having set the account up I failed to actually figure out how to use the flamin' thing) but the old pooter - well it's actually newer than this one - is coming soon.

How all these different hosting variations affect bandwidth usage is something else I've never been able to work out.

I like wheels and gears and ratchets and things you can see so you can figure out how they work. Bloody sad it is.

So Ms Pants will have to wait for a picture of VVB-by-the-sea. And even then she'll get a picture looking out, not in.

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