21 September 2008

diamonds are a girl's etc

Etc indeed.

I dunno how much spare time you have to do your blogcrawling, maybe you have the 'ole RSS going so you it that way, maybe you subscribe (?) to delicious and all that stuff, whatever it does.

But you have to visit VVB-the-the-sea to get your
Sinfest interpretation of the Wall St meltdown and I can assure you, it's very different to what Commmmmmsec or Kocccchie or Terry McCrann will be telling you, let alone what rubbish Kev'n Mal might decide to spruik, whether bipartisanly or in violent opposition.

There...doesn't that feel better?

1 comment:

Ann O'Dyne said...

I still haven't figured out RSS and delicious is a mystery.

but "OH NOES" "CRASH": and "WTF" are perfectly clear.

oh I like it - thanks for the laugh

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