12 September 2008

the rascals

Not just Mr Brown. Add Bush, Benanke, Cheney and all those other manipulaters from treasuries around the world who are colluding with rascals from the futures, oil, gold and currency markets!

Could Barclays really not wait a bit longer for their £10 million?

Indeed... a measly ten mill. Why on earth not? What apack of rascals!

Also, what Alistair in Turkmenstan said.


Philip said...

You look ... different somehow. You've done something with your format, haven't you?

Pants said...

Hi Phil

As someone who's had a few anxious moments with currency fluctuations this year, I can only agree wholeheartedly with your assessment.



phil said...

To respond to you both, yes, my format has fluctuated.

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