18 September 2008

houses of the holy

In the (well, relatively new) tradition of VVB bringing you blogs you most likely haven't got around to discovering yet, I bring you sit down man, you're a bloody tragedy.

I really wish I understood a lot more of this interwebbby stuff, but the latest post there mixes current affairs commentary with popular music references, rather like a blog not too far from around here which modesty forbids us from mentioning by name.

And I can relate to that, as indeed I can to one comment on the latest post:

Disco Inferno! Can you think of another British indie band from the last 20 years whose music could seriously be used to frame a discussion of this sort? DI have been effectively rescued from critical obscurity over the last few years but it still seems like few people grasp their true import. The fact that those legendary five EPs remain out of print is a crime.

Anyway for those of youse who are interested in the don't mention the sub-prime word current market meltdown, have given up worrying about your disappearing super, don't get apocalytically angry about how the rich/captains of industry types seem to escape from all of this unscathed apart from a yacht or two and just want to get an alternative perspective, I think that SDMYABT might just meet a need. Just look at the blogroll: months of new fun.

Enjoy, as they say.

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