21 September 2008

Multiple blogger failures yesterday. I had a really nice cheap shot that comprised extract from a letter to the Editor of the Age in which someone, probably a City trader, in the UK seemed to rail against people railing at the financial meltdown (you still with me?), saying just to leave it to the experts, along with a story from Friday's AFR in which a young Sydney trader, over a beer on Thursday night as the financial world imploded, noted that some of his firm's clients had lost a lot of money ("there was blood") but the firm itself had done outstanding business, "best for months" in fact. Wonderful.

So that was the cheap shot. It's because of highly numerate but utterly amoral people - a phrase I've used several times this year, you'll note - that much of what has happened, has happened.

Along with a whole bunch of people with a deep-seated, but irrational, belief in one particular answer to all the world's problems.

I'll leave you to guess what it is, thus avoiding yet another cheap shot.

For something more substantial on financial stuff, I recommend today's
Peter Martin.

And for something more substantial again, I give you the JM Toys white metal 1/43 scale model of the Austin A99. The A99, which took the A95's mechanicals and wrapped them in bodywork by Pinin Farina, was a hulking great lump of a thing yet spectacularly well proportioned. A car for the upper middle class who couldn't afford a Daimler.

Hmm, LStg79. What's the current exchange rate? Looks like it's going to cost me $185 plus postage. Might wait awhile.


JahTeh said...

Should you wait Phil, it'll be something to look at when you don't have food during the next big depression. Go on, you know you want it.

phil said...

The really, really unfortunate thing, jahteh, is that I do. I look at that model and think, "that really is exceptionally pretty".

One these days, so help me, I will grow up. When this happens, the only person who will be more surprised than me is Mrs VVB.

Ann O'Dyne said...

Pants place in the UK was on the old Corgi factory site.

There's CARS and there's MUSIC.

That's what it's all about.

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