05 December 2008

boom bang a bang

"can't wait to get to Moscow. With a combination of cheap vodka and a language barrier what could possibly go wrong?"
Terry Wogan steps down from his traditional snide commentary on the
Eurovision Song Balkan Co-prosperity mutual backslapping championships Contest.

I for one shall miss him. However, as always, I look forward to a cornucopia of colour-by-numbers jiggy 80s electro-pop, one incomprehensibly obscure act in dress-up costume, one colour-by-numbers Scowegian death thrash metal band and more breast and leg than you get at the Woolies poultry counter.

*"Bang a gong, we are on," I say.

(Slightly obscure
Iron Chef reference).


Pants said...

Hi Phil

Terry Wogan used the have the most amazing TV talk show in the 80s. Pissed all over Parky. I never missed it.



JahTeh said...

Phil, you are a secret Iron Chef fan? I love that show except for the ones where they have to kill the ingredients first. SBS are now showing 'gems from the video vault' in other words, repeats. Still great watching.

phil said...

Mrs VVB and I have been into Iron Chef for yonks. It's better than TV.

JahTeh said...

The Iron Chefs came to Sydney last year and I think it was about $500 a head to go to the dinner and meet them. One of the food bloggers did and said it was fantastic.

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