31 December 2008

modest mouse

Courtesy of the ever-readable Peter Martin at the Canberra Times, here is Ross Gittins' take on the first year of Kevin Rudd as PM, as well as some analysis and outlook for monetary policy and the economy more generally.

In all modesty, and believe me it's extremely modest, I will point out that VVBSea made the
same comments about Rudd's adoption of the Tony Blair Handbook to Governing only a couple of posts ago.

What I left out -
well, amongst the three, no, four, or, wait a minute, amongst the many things I left out - was the obsession with 'announceables', a governance characteristic with which I, and many many others, have become very familiar this last decade or so.

'Announceables' need to be taken out the back of the bike shed and beaten severely with a piece of 4x2 until they resume their rightful place - after things have been made to happen.

Fat chance, though, I fear, with a 'modern' government of any stripe.

We have friends from Brisvegas arriving today for tonight's revelries, along with offspring no 1 and his girlfriend who have been here over the holiday period.

Unlikely I'll be writing anything more today, so happy new year everybodies everywheres!


Lord Sedgwick said...

Have a good one.

Our (singular) offspring and her family have sensibly (or nonsensibly) left for the nether regions of Townsville and Magnetic Island.

Mind you, they have foolishly left us with the keys to their abode. They obviously don't know that 60somethings can do house trashing with the best of them. Filled to the gills with Stone's Green Ginger Wine and Marsala and Coke their domicile is our oyster.

phil said...

Claret is the drink for boys
Port for men
But he who aspires to be a hero must drink brandy.

Lord Sedgwick said...

I've moved beyond aspirant hero and bathe in brandy.

However, being a responsible citizen in these drought ravished times, I recycle the 'eau de vie', going out into the streets with my parisian consort Marie Antoinette-Hilton imploring the great unwashed to drink brandy and eat cake.

phil said...

Struth, I'm surrounded by over-achievers.

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