20 December 2008

it's getting better

I do believe it's getting better
Better all the time
(It can't get no worse)

They don't write lyrics like that anymore.

Not least because two of them are dead, more just a comment on how life in western civilisation is gradually descending to some base point where discussing Paris Hilton is seen as somehow...er...satisfactory.

But it is getting better, in a very specific way.

After a lot of hit and misses I've again turned out a passable home brew. It's a
Cooper's Canadian Blonde (additional home brewers' commentary here), and discerning readers will immediately realise that we have missed discussing Paris Hilton by only one international border. It was that close.

Anyway I rather suspect that it'd be hard to replicate my current fave beer, Hahn Super Dry, in the microbrewery which at all other times is quite indistinguishable from the laundry at VVBSea.

The home brew, which has only had 10 days secondary fermentation leaving lots of room for improvement, has a distinctly wet lingering palate.

On another topic entirely, we had a beaut storm this arvo and here are some pictures of it building. It's still windy and there's more on the way.

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Laurie said...

Great photos, Phil. I've tried the Blonde a couple of times, but haven't enjoyed it quite as much as the other Coopers varieties. Maybe just didn't give it enough maturation. I dunno. Anyway, all the best for the festive season, mate.

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