12 December 2008

night of fear

Post title was originally going to be "when you wish upon a star." Inspired by an event tonight where Mrs VVB and I were sitting on the verandah gazing out to sea when there was a flash of light that then descended relatively slowly into the ocean.

Not a shooting star - which we get a few of - but rather a piece of space debris burning up on re-entry.

We wondered to ourselves, is it OK to wish upon a piece of space debris? Does it still work the same as if it were a star?

Let me know your thoughts.

In the meantime, here's that classic band
The Move with Night of Fear. Loved it then, still do.


JahTeh said...

I think it's quite legit, Phil, after all shooting stars are all space junk whether meteorites or bits of bung rockets. The lucky bit is that it didn't land on you.
Just don't wish for Tattslotto, it's mine.

Anonymous said...

or as Billy Bragg put it...

"I saw two shooting stars last night,
I wished on them,
but they were only satellites,
is it wrong to wish on space hardware,
i wish, i wish, i wish you cared"

ahmeeeed said...

thanks very much ..


ahmedalaa said...

thanks ,,,


phil said...

I - or The MOve, more accurately - have acquired a Middle Eastern fan club.


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