01 December 2009

history never repeats

But one thing that you can bet will be repeated until your eardrums turn to something probably resembling licorice:

"Labor's gigantic big new tax."

You didn't hear that here first, either.

In the past I've kind of banged on about why government by targets supported by bureaucratic sausage machines doesn't work. I've noted that Blair introduced it with a vengeance in the UK, it
didn't work, and of course that nice Mr Rudd is doing the same thing here, where the result will - unsurprisingly - be similar.

Today someone asked me did I "do the math" or "do the maths." I said that when I went to school, I studied mathematics, not mathematic.

Well, actually "studied" is not the completely accurate term. John McGee, you did well as a maths teacher. You taught both of them.

Vis-a-vis the introduction of more Americanisms into our lingua franca, something else has got up my throat recently but it's been dislodged. I think because I came to the conclusion that I, too, had allowed the cultural hegemon to slide a few of its popularly accepted neologisms into my cranial cavity.

Cavity being the operative word.

I'm now quite tired and am going to (a) pack for yet another trip and then (b) have a good lie down.

Good night, Mr Abbott. You just stay away from that naughty 'Cardinal' Pell.


BwcaBrownie said...

oh god he is loathesome.
hopefully it won't be for long - Malevolent Turnbull is tough and will be back.
the "really really big huge gigantic awful tax" statement made TA look really really stupid too. Isn't he leading the GST party whose leader assured us it wouldn't happen?
mysticmedusa.com has an astrological view of it all:
"Bimbonic thoughts re this: Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott are both Scorpios. So Malcolm got Scorped by a fellow Scorp. Kevin Rudd – the Virgo Prime Minister – is now in for a massive bingle with Abbot the Scorpio. Rudd has Moon in Aries. Abbott has his in Leo. Weirdly enough, they are very compatible. They’re born but a few months apart and actually v.similar in many ways.
Kevin’s Venus is RIGHT on Tony Abbott’s Mars. If they were both gay, they would be ON.

Ann ODyne said...

from SMH:

"And he promised to rip into the Rudd Government's emissions trading scheme in the style of Paul Keating who tore apart John Hewson's hopes by a full-frontal attack on the GST in the early 1990s.

He even quoted Keating from those days: "If you don't understand it, don't vote for it. If you do understand it, you'd never vote for it."

I wish I hadoverheard what PJK said when he read that.

Anonymous said...

Gods mill grinds slow but sure........................................

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