07 May 2010

happy days are here again

Someone's not happy about the UK election:

Myles Munro wrote:

This result makes it clear that the indigenous people of this English constituency are quite happy with their culturally, socially and racially "enriched" future, in which sharia law will soon gain the same status of English common law, multilingualism will be the norm, polygamous marriage will not only be acceptable but common, the ritual killing of animals widespread, women disenfranchised and homosexuals face losing their recently won freedoms. That's fine. But don't start whingeing when the reality kicks in - you voted for it!

Bring on the ritual slaughter, tourists are tired of the Changing of the Guard.


Ann ODyne said...

oh gosh I shouldn't have laughed at that.
If Bertrand Russell could see it all.
He thought 'World Government' would be sensible, and for a while we thought World Government was the CocaCola Corporation, but now it radical muslims.
It's all too much for me to SpeAke MY Brane.

Davo said...

Tired of 'Changing of the Guard'? Rubbish. That ritual has been extant since .. um, when DID those people in fancy dress begin that ritual?

The Brits will never allow the changing of ritual .. heh.

(um WV - fartfu)

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