24 May 2010

limbo rock

How low can you go?

Not much lower than me, I'm afraid. Overworked by whelm, and vice versa, I'm going to give up even trying to do the occasional post.

Maybe when the next election comes around there may be some unique...or possibly individual...VBB views, but until then... Mind you, someone's going to have to learn how to implement but shit, it's Canberra, implementation is what other people do. So maybe people in Canberra should stop trying.

When I say people in Canberra I don't mean all the people in Canberra, but you know who I mean.

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Ann ODyne said...

Good Morning - your Breakfasting Blogger here, wishing you good things, and here is a laugh for free, go to

the guy is poetic, using the seriously symbolic bridal gown, to get over being dumped.
seriously poetic, and I laughed, and you will too

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