16 May 2010


I really shouldn't be amazed at people's prejudices, but I am. Some classic comments from this story about dirty works in England's bid for the 2018 soccer world cup:

I wonder what the aide got out of disclosing such private information, dont say another vengeful money grabbing female?

Do the editors of the Mail on Sunday not want to see us host the World Cup? These comments were made in private and should have remained so. It would not surprise me to find out that the journalist who broke this story was Scottish...

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Ann ODyne said...

'vengeful money-grubber female' Melissa*Jacobs has probably had her Farcebook and Twunter accounts blow-up by now, and I suspect she did this nasty thing because wanted to be in a relationship with her victim and was refused.
this is the best Times comment:
'James*Roberts wrote:
For what it's worth, the readers' comments on the article in the Mail On Sunday website, are vitriolic in their condemnation of the paper's actions.

I would leave my own, but I don't want to create an online account with that wretched detritus of a news organisation"

and yes re your Scots remark. Scots are infamous in tabloid publishing in USA too.

This whole episode is an own goal re holding the Cup final.

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