16 May 2010

eat to the beat

Tonight in the study chez VVBSea, a small exercise in David Attenboroughosity. I have to admit that I wasn't in the room when the seemingly inevitable happened. However, nor can I see the moth anywhere.

Meanwhile, what has happened to chocolate? All of a sudden you go into Woolies and (a) all the chocolate is in flat cardboard boxes, and (b) all the names are different. I can't keep up with life, people (well, I assume they are people) keep changing reality.

Which raises the question, are marketing people really people? I mean, inasmuch as you and I are people? Well, me anyway, I can't see out from here because of all the geckos.


Davoh said...

gah, fer a minute (as in time, not small) I had the impression that the gecko just jumped off an electricity line in midair to grab the moth.

Ah, perceptions ..

(um, word verification - 'maked'. Do i understand printed words? Probably not .. heh.

phil said...

Tricky things, words. I try to avoid them.

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