19 November 2010

free fallin

I know I don'tome rpound here muych any nmore. It's a combination of too much work, a dead poooter plus thius alptop whiuch weems tohave keys all n diffeernte places nsad different ways of operatiung. It's alliut much a nd I have all thedere erros messageds blinking and whatever at mne. zBut IU just wanted to share this with yoiu, I was wtahcingf Tom Petyy doing Free Fallin' at the Super Bowla anbd this was a mcomments:

wello the copy and pasdte function on thisd eincediblye` ``exepebsive knw latop jyst disens;'t workj like other oneds or like bloody copy sndf opaste fucntions have dowkredsince time immemeorial.

and gthe aolcogolhds
but I geuss you kniow I geuessed that already.

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BwcaBrownie said...

if it is any consolation that I feel your pain. My laptop has word7 or something with completely different rules to those I know and love. I am too old for this shite.

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