21 November 2010

the zombies(#)

If you watch too much computer generated graphics - and if you watch any blockbuster films at all, (*) you will be watching far too much - then here is why you feel uneasy. They're calling it the "uncanny valley" because it's far more popular to coin a mindless rhyme than something that makes sense. Think 'Adam and Steve' for a similar effect.

But it's an interesting insight into how computers may be changing the way we operate. For a Fairfax insight into the same issue, see

Computers are certainly changing the way we operate at VVBSea. 'Cos some weeks, which feels like months, ago the pooter hung its bootstraps and refused to function no more, no more no more no more etc. We found a local bloke hwo promised to make it right but because it's a Dell, a new motherboard has to handmade by a Dell-accredited elf in a cave somewhere, so we still don't have it back. So we bought Mrs VVB a new laptop and it's all different, hence I've been at this post for seems like aeons. And I've lost all my bookmarks.

Whinge over.

(*) We don't watch any round these parts.

(#) She's not there is one of my all time favourite songs. The keyboard solo by Rod Argent was little short of magical for that genre at the time - and probably even moreso now, when computer generated crap dominates the airwaves.


Ann ODyne said...

I love the way she walks
the way she talks and the colour of her hair

tomic said...

As Microfoot has been hammering us lately.. Suggest taking things, like bookmarks "To the Cloud". Especially handy - when said computer throws a wobbly. Or just carks it.

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