25 November 2010

modern love

Have just tried to post a comment at another blog and got a message - that I can't cut 'n copy - that says I'm not a member of the blog at www.venividiblogi.blogspot.com and so am not authorised to post the comment.

But wait: it's my own blimmin' blog, how can I not be a 'member' of it? And why can't I cut 'n copy any more?

I am getting very feduppity with modern life.

How can just buying a new computer cause all this mayhem?

I blame Microsoft, and quite possibly the Bilderbergers.


Lord Sedgwick said...

Might it be that the Bilderbergers and the Haflingers thought your comment was utter rubbish and saved you from embarrassing yourself.

BwcaBrownie said...

oh yes great empathy from me.
new laptop, and don't mention Word fkn 7

phil said...

Now don't you go dissin' de Halfinger. I always wanted one of dems.

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