15 April 2011

papperbock writer

In the matter of writing and reading English - surely the more accurate order, chronologically speaking - I see Ms Pants has been at it also. Ms Pants observes that, despite her meticulous attention to detail, she will certainly have overlooked some minor point that will undermine her entire argument. And indeed she has. I will direct her to hyphens and apostrophes. Note lack of paragraphical (insert hysterical laughter here) formatting herein, it is supposed to have no fewer than four.


Pants said...

You what?



btw your word verification is 'inguous' - serious mon.

phil said...

Yes I what. Quite frequently as it turns out.

However if you're wondering what miniscule oversight I found in your post, it's where you talked about hyphens and then gave some bogan names as examples where the offending item(*) of grammar was in fact an apostrophe.

(*) See I can't even remember the proper term for an item of grammar so how can I go around pointing them out?

I quite like inguous. It sounds dirty.

The Editor said...

Whilst pedantry is the flavour du blogue, I should point out that in your blogroll you have me listed "useterbeGerry". I very much still am Gerry, thank you very much. :-)

WV is "squenjg". I think it's Scandinavian for "I stepped on a snail."

phil said...

Gerry - sorted.

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