04 May 2011

sunshine superman

See if you can guess what this article is about from the following comment:

Quick, get Carlton to sign him up. This would fix the weakness in our backline.
Probably the best of them all and a cut above the repetition for sure.


Ann O'Dyne said...

of course I couldn't guess, but I liked it.
I am trying hard to credit the US military with deliberately timing their assault while the world was distracted by That Wedding, and trying hard to imagine Pakistan tuned in to the BBC telecast.
To me, there is always News 2.0 behind the news, and this time it is the trees, the quite neighborhood, the substantial enclave built recently, that was not me image of Pakistan.
Over on Fbook there is a clever photoshop where all the characters from Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb, have been superimposed on that image of Obama and Hilary watching the killing on their laptops.

I thought of you and your Sunshine Supermans when I subbed my latest post. keep em coming.

Marshall Stacks said...

Bachman Churner Overdrive

'Mustachioed, pipe-smoking and blessed with an ability to wreak havoc within his own organisation, Bachmann’s resemblance to Inspector Clouseau was striking; by the time his plots and schemes were uncovered by an astonished commission of inquiry, he had reduced the Swiss military intelligence agency, in which he had mysteriously managed to rise to a senior role, to a state bordering on chaos, not to mention bankruptcy.
So catastrophic was his impact that, when he was finally unmasked, many assumed he must be a double agent. He was not.
His most controversial, some would say delusional, acts occurred between 1976 and 1979, when he took charge of top-secret operations for Switzerland’s military intelligence force, the Untergruppe Nachrichtendienst der Armee (UNA). Though Bachmann had flirted with communism in his student days, he was by then a fanatical Cold Warrior, and brought the zeal of the convert to the fight against the Soviet Union"

scum rises to the top Chapter 38. who moved my cyanide pills?

from The Tele Obits

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