22 May 2011

the american songbook

I think I read some time ago that to have a popular blog, one must post regularly. So on that basis either I actually don't want a popular blog, or else I simply ain't gonna get one on account of aforesaid lack of regularity, etc etc. I see my posts number in the 950s so some time soon - provided you define soon in periods of decades or more - I will hit the big 1000, at which time I will lay myself down and have a really long sleep, on account of all the energy, etc etc.

In the meantime, I note that a recent Americanism, namely dropping the word "of" after "couple", as in "I got a couple things to tell ya", has hit the Australian MSM (provided you categorise a Murdoch Sunday scandal rag as MSM) and no doubt will thereafter infiltrate its way into ordinary everyday conversation in much the same way that "get-go" did a couple years ago. See, I told you it wouldn't take long. No one ever listens to me. Because I'm not regular, I suppose. Damnably frustrating, it is.

In the other meantime, people have woken up to the fact that all politics is sheeet, man, and have switched off. I heard this straight from the mouth of a well-known sportsman only recently and I tell you, if you want an opinion on contemporary politics, a sportsman is your first stop. The good oil, I tells ya.

I really wish I had some more things with which to enlighten youse but, right from the get-go, I never have. Had.

In yet another meantime in a galaxy not too distant from my current position, a sheeeet-load of work awaits so I'd better get to it. See you in a few years.


Ann ODyne said...

blogging is for people who don't have work to do.

I was a commenter mainly, and just made a half-hearted post to give anybody who followed the comments link-back ... and it has just oozed onward pointlessly.
Being a permanent perpetual constant fulltime housesitter, I have to occupy my time and the www is very good for that.
A job is a wonderful thing to have.

phil said...

Thank dog for an uncritical readership :-)

I promise to underdeliver in spades.

Or not, as the case may be.

JahTeh said...

I'v posted less since the nephew arrived to stay and visits to the nursing home take most of the day so keep underdelivering, it takes me ages to get to your blog and by then you might have posted something.

word verification is stuffsky and O'Dyne and I could have been unkind and said that.

phil said...

I would have copped stuffsky without demur, it's incredibly difficult to be arch without being offensive. I try to limit being offensive to daylight hours and people who deserve it.

Unfortunately - all together now - "there aren't enough hours in the day."

Boom and, for that matter, tish.

The Editor said...

Nice rant, dude. :-)

lemmiwinks said...

This is largely irrelevant but almost sort of ties in with your post - the dropping of "per hour" when referring to speed. Becoming very common in the media "was doing 99 kilometres an hour in a 50 kilometre zone" is a completely different thing than "was doing 99 kilometres an hour in a 50 kilometre per hour zone".

Really pisses me off, perhaps because it displays willful ignorance of the difference in measuring speed (d/t) versus distance. Ignorance is rarely something to be proud of, though I used to be blissfully (and proudly) ignorant of who or what a Paris Hilton or Kardiashian was. Those were the days.

phil said...

Bugger me, as they say. Today one of my own team dropped the 'of' from a piece of written work. The pace of change is certainly speeding up. Pretty soon it will be doing 99 kilometres, although how long it will take to do it is something only Paris Hilton knows.

The Editor said...


phil said...

Oh yes. My bad (TM).

Randall said...

This is cool!

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