30 May 2011

the french lieutenant's route

...to continue with gnawing things to death, which is what our slogan says we are going to do...

What is it with adopting the American pronunciation of "route" as "rowt"? Now everybody does it. Everywhere. Except me, that is.

I was at a meeting this morning, it's a bunch of dinkum Aussies talking about local Aussie issues and we get "rowt".

I mean, it can't be because if we say it the way we have for the last 200 years, people are going to think we are talking about a bit of the old hide the sausage, even if the subject du jour happens to be a bloody road, for crying out loud?

What is wrong with people?

Although for 200 odd years we pronounced it "leftenant", whereas the Yanks' "lootenant" is somewhat closer to the original French, for those who can't do anything other than front-of-mouth voicings that is.

I mean, what is wrong with people?

Also, I can't be bothered trying to think of an appropriate musical title, so I thought of another that tickled my tickle. Hope you like it. There's another 'tradition' down the gurgler.


Davoh said...

UM, am oldish buut somewhere, somehow .. was in love with the French leutenant's root.

phil said...

also so the Frecnhman, one presumes...

Anonymous said...

'What is wrong with people?' is copyright and TM over at Ms ThatsSoPants blog.

the septics don't even call a root a root so that's no excuse.

peace and love, Brownie O'Dyne

phil said...

a) What's Ms Pants' licence fee, do you reckon?

b) Um, yes.

c) And be it with you too.

Gerry said...

I get my kix, on root 66.

phil said...

Missed it by *that* much (holds up three fingers).

Ha bloody ha.

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