31 May 2011

drop bears

Seriously. If you downvoted this you're no better than a
panda who won't screw to save it's species.
This is the "this" referred to above (NB: safe link, esp. if you likez de musickz.

I agree. Fuck dem pandaz, this is the duck's guts.

Also, as quote lifted verbatim, the superfluous apostrophe is not mine. But I felt it needed a reincarnation in case it could find a place to hide.


Ann ODyne said...

I just leave apostrophes out now.

This is probably the panda guy:
Independent Filmmakers // Current
The first film by the self-critically acclaimed duo of Mark Trenkle and Marcus Chapman. Be gentle. Contact us at Onceiproductions@gmail.comThe first ...
current.com/tags/88847341_independent-filmmakers/ -

phil said...

Be gentle with superfluous apostrophes. A maxim for our age.

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