14 October 2011

wah wah

Some readers of this little blog will probably recognise this quote:

"Eric Idle tells how after Harrison was stabbed in his home by an intruder in 1999, he was being carried out by two medics who had only just started work. Harrison looked up from his stretcher and asked, "So, what do you think of the job so far?"
It's a new one on me but seems entirely plausible.

And in fact, after consumption of a couple of aged-in-the-fridge roses(*) at work and then a couple of gin & tonics at home, I feel a bit philosophical too.

I feel especially philosophical about some stuff that I read this morning and thought, "I could weave a little blog post about that" and promptly forgot about it/them until tonight when I was looking to weave just such a little blog post.

I wish I could remember them - quite poignant they were.

(*) Note to readers who have an RSS feed on this blog, for whatever unaccountable reason: something I did when putting that asterisk in was obviously a macro for "publish", because that's what happened. Hope you liked the original spelling, comes to to you courtesy of Seagrams and Schweppes.


The Editor said...

Maybe that asterisk did something else as well. I find I cannot navigat away from this blog without shutting down my browser. :(

phil said...

Hmm, bummer. I hate that in other blogs. Doesn't occur when I open here, but I am aware that chracteristics vary depending oin whether you own a site/the URL etc or not (ie my 'experience' of my site on Flickr is different to that of visitors).

Apologies Gerry, I hope it sorts.

The Editor said...

I't OK again. Must have been a hiccup.

phil said...

I've had a post ready to go for two days, blogger will not let me post. Anyone know what's going on?

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