21 October 2011

the rise and fall of saddam hussein and the incredibly big spiders from mars

With Gaddafi's passing and the details about him being in a drain, we are again reading about Saddam Hussein who was found in a spider hole.
Has anybody thought to ask what kind of spider has a hole big enough that a man could fit inside?

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Davoh said...

um, am fascinated by "news" reports (or should that be "new's" .. perhap's news' .. oh nevermind)

only have radio (singular) at my place - but have been fascinated to hear that Gaddafi (however it's spelled - spelt? should be wheat ..(sharrup davo) - was dragged from hiding in , so far, a "drain", a "culvert" .. but recently a "sewer". mm, whoever said that reporters(? editors?) let the facts get in the way of a story.

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