23 October 2011

bad english

I am all in favour, particularly after visiting our local Woolies yesterday for the week's necessities and seeing some specials on a far wall under the banner "special toys for girl's and boys."

Evidently boys only come in plural while girls in the possessive. It makes a kind of surreal logic, I guess.
Also, I canm still not publish from the post. Have to go back into 'edit' and do it from there. Weird.


Anonymous said...

yep 'weird'. there's a lotta weird about.

I thought of your enjoyment when I read this choice CHOICE news -
'Cosmetic roof racks
Mr Zinn says the cosmetic roof racks on the Chery J1 car are hilarious, but also a safety issue.
"Chinese products, they can be very good, they can be very well priced. And there's a Chinese hatchback called the Chery J1, $12,000, it's the cheapest on the market," he said.
"It doesn't rate well in terms of the crash tests, but it actually has some roof racks.
"Very handy for putting a board on to go to the surf or some skis to go to the snow, except if you look at a sticker on the inside of the roof rails, it says 'Caution, do not use roof rails. For cosmetic purposes only'.

"Essentially if you put anything on these roof rails and drove down the road you'd find the contents and the rails scattered behind you.
"So I mean, apart from being hilarious, there is a product safety issue here"
x x ann o'dyne's place

phil said...

Thanks for that ms place, I'd not seen it amongst the usual car places I infest.

Kind of like buying a car from the $2 shop, isn't it?

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