12 May 2006

the end of the innocence

Warning: Rodent alert. I know I said I wouldn't do any more posts on him, but...

I was driving home tonight with the execrable Don Henley's faux-emo wailings in my ears. I blame Fred Robertson entirely for making me a Henley-hugger. Whenever I need a good cry, there he is...

But I heard the following words:

"They're beating ploughshares into swords,
For this tired old man that we elected king."

And I thought, yeah, that's about right. We're in a war we didn't get a say on, he was elected but he acts like a monarch. And tired? How can someone make comments about the Beaconsfield miners and still sound so whiny and irritated?

OK, that's out of the system. It seemed much...deeper...at the time. That's what Henley does to you.

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