05 May 2006

here there and everywhere

Occasional visitors to this site will have noticed that the frequency of posting has dropped off a bit. And given that two 'friends' - yeah, I know - asked me just today "how's your blog going", it's evident that visitation is probably less than "occasional".

Truth is that I've found it hard going again, even after the fillip of being linked by
Adrian the Cabbie. Even though I don't like conservatives - well actually I feel differently about conservatives - I just can't keep whingeing about the lying sack of shit all the time. Just as I have been obliged to give up swearing at the TV every time - and believe me that's something that is becoming more frequent - the little f**ker appears. Those posts become boring and do not Make a Difference (more on Making a Difference later).

Similarlywise, I have yet to light on a theme that readers, however occasional, might find interesting. Work could provide some opportunities. Today I had to undertake very important duties, by signing off documents for my boss who was away. This brought me directly into contact with People who think that all Nouns and even some Other Words should be prefaced by Capitals because this is a Very Important Way of Writing. Evidently if you are talking about an Evident Trend in Society, this also requires Capitals because - I suppose, I have no idea really - one day that phrase might be copyrighted and we would have to pay it Appropriate Attention.

When this happens I usually sign off the document provided it's factually accurate and meets all other requirements, because just being Full Of Capitals isn't really an impediment to the Reader's Comprehension and it's stupid to send it back for editing. However, I always put a Post-It note on which says "We are not Germans". And wait for the inevitable phone call from some confused functionary asking "what do you mean?" Trying to stem what seems to be a very widespread trend across the country (no doubt caused by the postmodernisation of the school curriculum) from my little desk is another matter.

Actually today's been really good in that in between various meetings that actually produced quick outcomes and decisions, I've been able to catch up with a few people who always give me pleasure and with whom I can have a genuine Deep and Meaningful ©. These have included:
  • the reflective partner. He and I have some things in common and much not, but are able to ask each other the hard questions and get an honest answer. We have a running competition about the stupidest work-related occurrence of the week. He always wins.
  • bastards from Treasury. Relentless point-scoring with sarcasm and irony winning over authenticity. I got a couple of points today by pointing out that we are benefitting from some classic Howard middle-class welfare (in-home help for the old man) but with the luxury of voting Labor as we are in a very safe Liberal seat. I am true to myself but have no ethics.
  • lunch with a former workmate visiting from his current home overseas. This with a few other former colleagues and the young bloke who is also visiting from interstate. All good.
  • a consultant mate with whom I can now have a good conversation without feeling the need to have some pseudo (in my case) verbal sparring. It's a pleasure to talk to this bloke and moreso to listen to him engage with others as he has a colossal repertoire of interpersonal skills (some might be better described as 'tricks') and it's an education to see him deploy them. That said, he's utterly authentic, true to himself and ethical. Compare with comments above.
  • finally, Mr Unguarded Moment. We can analyse the world - and do so frequently - but trying to Make a Difference © is another matter. A source of endless conversation. Both he and reflective partner are a fund of stories about worlds that I don't know so it's always an education.
Some of the above might seem a bit Delphic but I do need to (semi) protect identities.

Particularly as visitation is sparse and people might recognise each other. Have you?


The Editor said...

Just keep blogging, Phil...

Write what you wanna write, be what you wanna be, yeh-eh-eh... (sounds better with a full orchestra)

Anonymous said...

good to catch up phil... shame you piked on post work drinks, the place was empty and the talk was all about music.


phil said...

Chris - I probably should have poked my head in but...anyway it was good to see you if only for a little while. I'm currently parcticing two songs for the proposed Friday night Wine Appreciation Group on the floor in a few weeks: Wild Wild Life (Talking Heads) and Blue Eyes (Gram Parsons). That should confuse 'em...

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