11 May 2006

time and a word

There's an amazing number of songs with the word 'time' in the title. I'm sure there's a PhD in analysing the number of times various words appear in popular song titles - apart from 'baby', of course - and drawing some relationships to particular themes in human nature. However, from a start like that, it certainly won't be me.

Got off topic from the word go, there. The need for a reason for a reference to 'time' was to relate to the continuing blogparalysis, although this is caused by various things apart from not knowing what to write. And the point I would have made, were it not for the random intrusion of thinking about why certain words appear more frequently than others in song titles, was that I got plenty of time - plenty, you hear me - and we'll be right back at it shortly. Not 'presently'.

In fact I nearly used 'Let the good times roll' as this kind of sums up the current mood. Whenever I start to feel down, I seem to run across somebody who lifts the mood, whether through a joke or just something insightful that makes you go "yeah, that's right." And walk away smiling. In fact I'd probably be hard pressed to identify any more substantial reason why the good times are rolling.

Anyway normal service will be resumed shortly.

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