24 April 2007

down two then left

Australia's rising, inflation isn't, all's well in the universe. Looks like the end of history, so this will also presage some changes at chateau vvb.

It's been obvious for a long time that I have nothing new or insightful to say about the Australian polity and, in particular, the disastrous way it has been 'managed' (and believe me that's what it has been - certainly not 'led') over the last 11 years. My disdain for John Howard and the deep, unnecessary damage he has done to Australian society since he came to power knows no bounds, but simply repeating that view here doesn't change anything.

There are plenty of blogs which do better analysis of that damage, and of the particularly limited and regressive worldview of Howard's that brings it all about, not to mention the vindictiveness that informs his political machinations. Best we leave that job to the experts.

It's time that vvb went off on a bit of a different journey, symbolised at the beginning by the fabulous piccie that mrs vvb took of one of the many natural arches on Tasmania's eastern coast, and also these goats at one of the places we stayed (one of two places run by ex-Queenslanders). Which kind of got us thinking about a potential move, too.

As a bit of a teaser, I'm hoping to also embark on a bit of personal journey over the next little while, some of which I plan to share. It'll be revealing, mainly about how someone can sail through life for so long with so little understanding of what's been going on around him, but maybe talking a bit about that will be where the value will come from.

For consistency with this approach, I've asked that venividiblogi be dropped from the daily OzPolitics feed. And if I do get the urge to vent about Howard, I have another tiny spot in the Wordpress part of the blogosphere. I haven't posted there for ages because I keep forgetting I started it (update - and I deleted my wordpress account so I won't be doing any more posts there - clever). So instead, here are some other pictures.

Here are some caves (King Solomon's at Mole Creek).

More wave sculpture on the Tasman Peninsula on the east coast.

Stewart's Bay, next to Port Arthur. We had a little self-contained cabin, it was positively silent except for the sound of the waves in the background. And, for some reason, utter pitch darkness inside. Made the ritual going to the toilet at 2am journey quite interesting.

Keogh's Creek near the Tahune AirWalk. Wowie zowie, is that airwalk ever an experience. Not for those with vertigo, to be sure.

Triple Webers on an original ex-Bathurst Holden XU1, owned by the people who ran one of the places we stayed. We also went to Georgetown to catch the first (Prologue) session of the Targa. Good fun, for those of that kind of inclination.


Derek Barry said...

sounds like you are winding down.

That's a shame for the Brisbane blogosphere if true,

ps love that love 'polity'.

phil said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts, Derek. I wasn't planning to wind down, just to wind differently. Maybe there's a middle ground (or a third way - ha ha).

I picked up 'polity' from the Pakistan Times when we lived there many years ago. I've never known any Australian paper to use it.

Anonymous said...

sounds potentially dangerously libertarian, to me. We need to discuss this before you make any rash decisions... just make sure you turn up to work on Monday... tote that barge!

phil said...

All barges eligible for toting will be toted. The e-mails have started already. The thinking...that's another thing.

Wot, no comment on the Torana? You disappoint me. This is cultural tourism as she is practiced, bwana!

Anonymous said...

I'll be interested to go on your new journey too.

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